REC Coach and Manager Info

For information about the REC Program, please contact the Executive Director, Michelle King, at

Register as a Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager or other Volunteer

Each adult that will be working with the players must register in GotSport and complete the four additional steps listed below.

  • Submit background check
  • Upload passport-style photo
  • Complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion training module
  • Complete the SafeSport training module or refresher

All of the steps above are to be completed within your GotSport account, on the Dashboard page. After this is all completed, the Board of Directors will review the applicant. If approved by the Board of Directors, the adult will be eligible for participation.

Click the links below for step-by-step instructions for completing your requirements after you have registered.

Learn more about these requirements by clicking here.

Riverside Soccer Complex

Information regarding games and practices at Riverside.

In an effort to keep the Riverside Soccer Complex in the best condition possible, the City of Victoria Parks and REC Department and the VYSO Board of Directors encourage teams to find an alternate location to practice. Please see the list below for suggested alternate locations. Click the name of the location for a map and address.

Practices at Riverside are basically first come, first serve. We will have a basic signup sheet each season. VYSO will not monitor, manage, or enforce practice times/fields. The signup sheet is simply a courtesy for teams to work together to not occupy the same space at the same time.

The Spring 2023 sign up sheet link will be available at noon on Tuesday, February 21.

Additional Information for Coaches and Managers for Spring 2023

Spring 2023 Timeline

February 26Coaches meeting/training session
February 21Coaches start receiving team rosters
February 21Team practices can start
February 25Deadline: Team Name Change
February 25Deadline: Notify multiple kids playing
February 25Deadline to order Parent Jerseys
March 4Game schedules posted on website
March 6Uniforms should arrive this week
March 11First Game Day
March 25Game Day 2
April 1Game Day 3
April 15Game Day 4
April 22Game Day 5
April 29Game Day 6
May 6Last Game Day
Spring 2023 REC Coach Timeline

Coaches Meeting/Training Session

  • Date: Sunday, February 26
  • Time: 3:00 PM — 4:30 PM
  • Location: UHV Game Field-located on UHV Campus along Ben Wilson Ave

Team Names

You are welcome to change your team’s name. There is only one team per name allowed so please have alternate team names in case your desired team name is claimed. The deadline to submit your desired team name is February 25.

Schedules: Multiple Children Playing

If you have more than one child playing in VYSO, in REC or Select, an effort will be made to not schedule their games at the same time. The deadline to notify is February 25.

Parent Jerseys

You can order a jersey that will be the same color and style as your child’s. It will also have your child’s number on the back! The deadline to order is Saturday, February 25.

Game Schedules

Game schedules will be posted on the website by the end of the day Saturday, March 4. Schedule requests are not accepted. If you are coaching more than one team, an effort will be made to not schedule those games at the same time.

Player Uniforms

As uniforms come in, and are ready to be picked up, coaches will be contacted to arrange a pick-up day/time. If there are any delays in receiving uniforms, coaches wil l be notified.

  • All NEW players will receive a full uniform; jersey, shorts, socks.
  • Returning fall players, that stay on the same team, will wear the uniform they received in the fall season.
  • Returning fall players that request to be moved to a different team, will pay full price and will receive a new uniform.

List of Teams

You can view the list of REC teams, coaches, and uniform colors here. This list will be updated as changes occur.

Game Formats

The Spring 2023 age groups/divisions are now set. Use the link below to see playing format, fields used, game length, etc.

Team Roster Access

Your team roster will be available to you in your individual GotSport account on February 27.

  1. Log into your GotSport account
  3. Click on the team’s name
  4. Click ROSTERS at the top
  5. Select SPRING 2023 REC from the drop-down menu
  6. Click SEARCH
  7. You can click on each player’s name to see their contact information
  8. You can email the whole team by clicking on MESSAGES at the top

Assistant Coaches and Team Managers

Coaches are allowed to have two team officials. They can be an assistant coach or team manager. Coaches must have their team officials register and complete all requirements. The registration link for coaches and team officials is always posted on this page.

Coaches must submit the Add Assistant Coach or Team Manager form to notify Michelle to add them to the team.

Assistant coaches and team managers must have all requirements complete by noon on the Friday before the game day they will need their KidSafe card.

General Information for Coaches and Managers

Game Locations

Games will be played at the City of Victoria’s Riverside Soccer Complex at 1407 W. Red River St.

Parking at Riverside Soccer Complex

There is a designated parking area shown on the map at the link above. There is also a small parking lot at the corner of W. Red River and Young Dr. Additional parking is available at the Riverside Stadium Parking lot.

Where to Sit During Games

Both teams (players & coaches) will sit on one side of the field. Parents & spectators will sit on the other side of the field directly across from their team. No one is allowed at the ends of the field or behind the goals.

Number of Adults on the Player’s Sideline

A maximum of two (2) rostered team officials may be on the player’s side of the field at any given time. Each person must have his/her KidSafe card visible while on the player’s sideline.

KidSafe Cards (Adult Participation Pass)

An Adult Participation Pass identification card must be issued for and carried at all VYSO games by all coaches, assistant coaches, managers, trainers, board members, and other individuals who interact with the players. A photo of the pass holder must be affixed to the front or back of the card and the card must be laminated.

The Adult Participation Pass (KidSafe card) must be worn on a lanyard around the neck, or on a clip on the front of the shirt, during all games.

50% Playing Time

The coach must make every effort to play each registered player that is present at the game at least one-half of the game unless unable to do so due to the player’s illness or injury or for disciplinary reasons. The referee and the opposing coach must be notified.

STYSA Policy on Heading the Ball

STYSA (our parent organization) has adopted this policy as mandated at the national level. This policy prohibits players on U11 and younger teams from heading the ball in practices and games. Players on U12 and U13 teams can head the ball in games but are limited in practices.

Moving Goals

The goals are to remain secured at all times. If you feel that a goal should be moved, or if you notice a safety issue with a goal, please contact the Board Member or Field Marshal on duty on game days. You may also contact our board president, Stephen Biles, at, or Vice-President, Julie Workman, at

Items Not Allowed at Games or Practices

  • Pets are not allowed (service animals are allowed)
  • Emotional support animals are not allowed
  • Alcohol (not allowed during any youth activity)
  • Smoking is permitted in parking areas only (this includes e-cigarettes and vaping devices)
  • Guns and other weapons

Rain, Bad Weather, Poor Field Conditions

Board members and staff monitor the weather and field conditions each week prior to games and on game days. Games will not be cancelled due to rain unless it is a heavy rain or it creates a safety issue for players. Games will be played in the hot or cold, with modifications for extreme heat or cold. Click the button below to learn more about weather related game modifications, when the board makes cancellation decisions, lightning safety, and more.

Behavior at Games and Practices

VYSO has a Code of Conduct to address proper behavior by everyone in attendance and games, practices, and other events held by VYSO. Please take the time to read this document. We would also like you to review the Code of Conduct with your players and their families.

Coach is Responsible for Team’s Behavior

It will be the head coach’s responsibility to control the behavior of his/her assistant coaches, players, parents, and spectators. If the head coach is not present at the game, the responsibility lies with the team officials present at the game. The referee has the power to halt play if the coach, or team official, does not maintain control.

Referee Abuse & Assault

Abuse is a verbal statement or physical act which implies or threatens physical harm to an individual. It also includes verbal abuse which is threatening, cursing, or demeaning a person or any member of his or her family.

Assault is an intentional act of physical violence. Assault includes, but is not limited to, the following acts: hitting, kicking, punching, slapping, choking, spitting at or on; grabbing or bodily running into; the act of kicking or throwing any object at another that could inflict injury; damaging a uniform or personal property, i.e., car, equipment (cards, whistle, notebook, etc.) or knocking equipment or other objects out of the hand.

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