About the Organization

The Victoria Youth Soccer Organization (VYSO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for children to have fun and learn the game of soccer.

Recreational Soccer

The Recreational Program is generally open to boys and girls age 3–19. All kids are welcome regardless of experience, talent, or abilities. Players are randomly assigned to teams.

Competitive Soccer

The Competitive Program is generally open to boys and girls age 10–19. Players are accepted onto teams based on their skill, experience, abilities, and commitment level to the team.


Currently in Phase 3

Revised by the Board of Directors 1/27/2021.

For more information, please contact the Executive Director, Michelle King, at vysoadmin@gmail.com.

Latest News and Information

Your Opinion Matters at VYSO

VYSO needs you to help promote soccer to the youth of Victoria. Your opinion matters to Victoria Youth Soccer Organization. Help us make the decisions for a successful soccer program. This begins at the VYSO General Meeting on Thursday, May 12, when the VYSO Board will be elected.  There may be people running for positionsContinue reading “Your Opinion Matters at VYSO”


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