Select Team Tryouts — Coach Info

For information about the Select Program, please contact the Select Program Vice-President, Adrian Rigby, at

We are using a new registration system called LeagueApps. Parents will need to create a new account when they register their child for tryouts.

Michelle will set up coach accounts in LeagueApps and give access to coaches.

Please make sure you have read all the information provided on this page.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Coach Meeting

The Select Program Vice-President, Adrian Rigby, will hold a meeting for all approved Head Coaches. This meeting will take place Wednesday, May 17 at 7:00 PM at the UHV Athletics Office. If you cannot attend the meeting, or have any questions, please email Adrian at

Important Dates and Deadlines

May 5Tryout dates and times will be published
May 5Tryout registration opens
May 9Emails sent about player evaluations
May 17Head Coach Meeting: 7:00 PM at UHV Athletics Office
May 22 — June 2Player tryouts held at Riverside Soccer Complex
June 3Submit names of team officials
June 8Head coaches will receive notice of team approval and list of players with contact information
June 11Deadline for players to be contacted
June 12Deadline for players that were selected for multiple teams to decide which team to play on
TBDUniform Sizing
June 24Deadline for the minimum number of required players to be registered
June 26Deadline for head coaches to submit list of players’ uniform sizes and jersey numbers.
June 26Teams can start holding practices
June 28Uniforms will be ordered
July 1$25 late fee added to registrations
July 31Refund Request Deadline

Tryout Information

Download the App for LeagueApps

Please go ahead and download the “LeagueApps Play” app. 

Download LeagueApps Play at:

Tryout General Information
  • The Board of Directors will coordinate and conduct player tryouts. The tryouts will be held at the Riverside Soccer Complex.
  • Tryouts are open to all children in the age range of the team. Each child has an equal opportunity to be chosen for the team.
  • Emails will be sent to all age-eligible players about player tryouts for each team. These emails will be sent on May 9.
  • Players must register before they can attend tryouts. The registration link, and other information for parents, is posted on the Tryouts — Player Info page.
Tryout Evaluation Committees
  • Each team will have a four-member evaluation committee that will evaluate players at tryouts. Each evaluation committee will be comprised of the team’s coach and three people appointed by the Select Program Vice-President.
  • At the conclusion of the team’s last tryout session, the evaluation committee will choose the players for that team. The evaluation committee will submit the list of players to the Select Program Vice-President.
  • The full team formation rules can be found in Articles 3 and 4 of the Standing Rules.
Teams, Coaches, and Ages

Tryouts will be held for the teams below.

TeamCoachAges & Genders that can Tryout
U11 BoysJulia SalazarBoys and girls born in 2013–2015
U12 Boys – DavilaNoe DavilaBoys and girls born in 2012–2014
U12 Boys – SalazarAlfredo SalazarBoys and girls born in 2012–2014
U14 BoysBrian ParkerBoys and girls born in 2010–2012
U17 BoysGeorge OsuchukwuBoys and girls born in 2007–2009
U11 GirlsJonathan TateGirls born in 2013–2015
U13 GirlsHeidi SeerdenGirls born in 2011–2013
U15 GirlsClodoaldo RamirezGirls born in 2009–2011
Tryout Dates and Times: sorted by team
TeamCoachTryout 1Tryout 2
U11 BoysJulia SalazarMay 23
6:10 PM
June 2
7:20 PM
U12 Boys – DavilaNoe DavilaMay 22
5:15 PM
May 30
5:15 PM
U12 Boys – SalazarAlfredo SalazarMay 23
6:10 PM
June 2
7:20 PM
U14 BoysBrian ParkerMay 22
6:30 PM
June 1
5:15 PM
U17 BoysGeorge OsuchukwuMay 30
6:30 PM
June 2
5:00 PM
U11 GirlsJonathan TateMay 23
5:00 PM
May 31
5:15 PM
U13 GirlsHeidi SeerdenMay 31
6:30 PM
June 2
6:10 PM
U15 GirlsClodoaldo RamirezMay 23
7:20 PM
June 1
6:30 PM
Tryout Dates and Times: sorted by date

Monday, May 225:15 PM — 6:15 PMU12B – Davila
Monday, May 226:30 PM — 7:30 PMU14B – Parker
Tuesday, May 235:00 PM — 6:00 PMU11G – Tate
Tuesday, May 236:10 PM — 7:10 PMU11B – Salazar
U12B – Salazar
Tuesday, May 237:20 PM — 8:20 PMU15G – Ramirez
Tuesday, May 305:15 PM — 6:15 PMU12B – Davila
Tuesday, May 306:30 PM — 7:30 PMU17B – Osuchukwu
Wednesday, May 315:15 PM — 6:15 PMU11G – Tate
Wednesday, May 316:30 PM — 7:30 PMU13G – Seerden
Thursday, June 15:15 PM — 6:15 PMU14B – Parker
Thursday, June 16:30 PM — 7:30 PMU15G – Ramirez
Friday, June 25:00 PM — 6:00 PMU17B – Osuchukwu
Friday, June 26:10 PM — 7:10 PMU13G – Seerden
Friday, June 27:20 PM — 8:20 PMU11B – Salazar
U12B – Salazar
Trying Out for Multiple Teams

Yes, players can try out for more than one team. If a player is selected for more than one team: the player’s parents will receive the following information:

  • The teams the player was selected for
  • The head coach contact information for all teams the player was selected for
  • Explanation that the parents are responsible for deciding which team the player will play on
  • Instructions for notifying VYSO with the parent’s decision
  • The deadline for deciding which team to play on

Team Formation Information

Minimum Number of Players

Minimum number of players in order to form the team:

  • U11–U12 teams: nine (9) players
  • U13–U19 teams: eleven (11) players
  • The minimum number of players must be reached using players that were not selected for another team.
Team Official Risk Management Requirements

Any person that will interact with players in VYSO (including, but not limited to, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers, assistant managers, board members, employees, other volunteer roles) must complete the following required steps:

Submit Background Check in GotSport
Upload a passport-style photo into GotSport account
Complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training Module in GotSport
Complete the SafeSport Training Module or Refresher in GotSport

Team Officials (coach, assistant coach, trainer, manager, assistant manager) must also be approved by the Board of Directors after completion of the steps listed above.

Coaching License Requirements

All head coaches, trainers, and assistant coaches must have one of the following coaching licenses.

  • U.S. Soccer A, B, C, D or E Coaching License
  • U.S. Soccer 9v9 Grassroots License (online or in-person) {U11—U12 teams}
  • U.S. Soccer 11v11 Grassroots License (online or in-person) {U13—U19 teams}

All coaches are encouraged to continue their education by taking new or higher level coaching courses.

Team Manager is Required

Each team must have a Team Manager.

All select teams shall have a Team Manager in addition to the Head Coach. The Team Manager cannot be the spouse of, or live in the same household as, the head coach. The purpose of this is to give each team two independent representatives of the team that will have access to the team information. (Standing Rule 3.7)

Submit List of Team Officials

Head coaches must submit the list of team officials by June 3 so that the Board of Directors can review/approve those individuals when forming teams on June 5.

Team Formation by Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will meet on June 5 to review lists of players and form teams. Coaches will be notified of team approval/denial by June 8. Coaches will receive the list of players, with contact information, on this date as well. Coaches must contact all players by June 11.

Team & Program Info — After Teams Are Formed

Player Registration Fee
  • The player registration fee will be determined by the WDDOA Flight the team will play in.
    • Prime Teams = $460
    • Challenger Teams = $445
    • Alpha Teams = $400
  • All registration must be completed online. No paper registrations will be accepted.
  • Payment plans will be available.
  • The player registration fee must be paid in full no later than July 31.
Player Uniforms
  • We will keep the same uniform for another year.
  • Returning players that do not need a new uniform will not be required to purchase a new uniform.
  • Each new player will receive two full uniforms (jersey, shorts, and socks).
Player Uniform Sizing


Adding Players & Team Officials
  • You can add players and team officials, with approval of the Board of Directors, at any time up until any applicable WDDOA or STYSA roster deadlines.
  • VYSO does not have a roster deadline.
  • There will be a link on the Select Coach and Manager page for the form to add players and team officials.