REC Play Up Chart

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Use the chart below to determine if your child can play up.

This chart applies to the following request types: Buddy Requests, Sibling Requests, Play Up Requests, and requests for a girl to play on a boy’s team.

Play Up Eligibility Chart: Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 Seasons

Year BornAge LevelCan Play Up
2005U19No. This is the oldest division.
2006U18Yes, up to U19 only
2007U17Yes, up to U18 (and up to U19 if U18 and U19 are combined)
2008U16Yes, up to U17 (and up to U18 if U17 and U18 are combined)
2009U15Yes, up to U16 (and up to U17 if U16 and U17 are combined)
2010U14Yes, up to U15 (and up to U16 if U15 and U16 are combined)
2011U13Yes, up to U14 (and up to U15 if U14 and U15 are combined)
2012U12Yes, up to U13 (and up to U14 if U13 and U14 are combined)
Cannot play up if U13, U14, and U15 are combined.
2013U11Yes, up to U12 only
2014U10Yes, up to U11 (and up to U12 if U11 and U12 are combined)
2015U09Yes, up to U10 only
2016U08Yes, up to U09 (and up to U10 if U09 and U10 are combined)
2017U07Yes, up to U08 only
2018U06Yes, up to U07 (and up to U08 if U07 and U08 are combined)
2019U05Yes, up to U06 only
Play Up Eligibility Chart