Comparison of REC and Select Programs

The table below offers a comparison between playing a full year of select soccer and playing two seasons of REC soccer.

Select ProgramREC Program
Seasons per yearOne: Full year (fall–spring)Two: Fall and Spring
Registration Fee$380$190 if stay on same team both seasons
Uniforms receivedTwo full uniformsOne full uniform
Number of Games12-1814 (7 each season)
Game DaysSaturdays and SundaysSaturdays only (typically)
Game LocationsVictoria, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi
Could have games as far as Temple or Kerrville
Victoria area only
Practice LimitsNo limit to the number of practices per weekCan only practice twice per week
Practices StartFall: June or July
Spring: January or February
Fall: September
Spring: February
Paid TrainersCan have paid, professional trainers
(cost not included in registration fee)
Cannot have paid trainers
TournamentsUsually 1-3 per year
(cost not included in registration fee)
REC teams usually do not go to tournaments