Specific Practice Day Requests

For more information, please contact the Executive Director, Michelle King, at vysoadmin@gmail.com.

For U08 and younger players, you can request to have your child placed on a team that will hold practice on one (1) specific day.

  • All U08 and younger players, boys and girls, can submit a Specific Practice Day Request.
  • You can reference the Age Chart to determine if your child is U08 or younger.
Specific Practice Day Request Requirements
  • You can only submit one day in your request, not multiple days.
  • There must be space on a team that has a coach in place when teams are formed, and
  • The coach has submitted his/her anticipated practice day(s), and
  • The coach has an anticipated practice day that matches the request.
General Requirements
  • The player must register on-time by the deadline posted on the Registration page.
  • The player must be paid in full, or have a payment plan set up, by the on-time registration deadline.
  • The player must have his/her date of birth verified by the on-time registration deadline.
  • The player must submit their Specific Practice Day Request on the Special Request Form.
  • The player must pay the $5 Special Request Fee.
  • The player cannot submit another Special Request.
Frequently Asked Questions