Select Tryouts & Team Formation Process

For information about the Select Program, please contact the Select Program Vice-President, Adrian Rigby, at

Register for Select Team Tryouts

May 5 — June 2

  • Parents register players in LeagueApps for each team the player will try out for.
  • Players must be registered by the start of the team’s second tryout day.

Tryouts Take Place

May 22 — June 2

  • Players are evaluated at team tryouts by a four member evaluation committee.
  • Tryouts will take place at the Riverside Soccer Complex.

Team Formation

May 30 — June 5

  • Each team’s four member evaluation committee will rank the players after the team’s last tryout and chose the players that will be on the team.
  • The Board of Directors will officially form the teams based on the choices made by the evaluation committees.

Contacting Players

June 8 — June 11

  • Coaches will contact players that were chosen for their team.
  • The Select Program Vice-President will contact players that were not chosen to play on a select team.
  • The Executive Director will contact parents of players that were chosen for multiple teams.

Register for Select Team

June 8 — June 24

  • Players will receive an invitation link to register in LeagueApps.
  • Each team must have the required number of players registered by June 24.
  • A non-refundable $25 late fee will be added to all registrations received on or after July 1.

Uniform Sizing

June 8 — June 26

  • Returning players that do not need a new uniform will receive a $130 discount off their registration fee.
  • Each team’s coach or manager will conduct uniform sizing for their players.
  • Each team’s coach or manager must submit the list of player uniform sizes to the Executive Director by June 26.
  • The uniform consists of two jerseys, two pair of shorts, and two pair of socks.
  • Each player will also receive two practice shirts.

Select Teams Can Start Practicing

June 26

  • Each select team can start holding team practices on June 26.
  • The actual days, times, and locations of practices will be up to each team’s coach.