Select Team Formation Info 2022/2023 Year

For information about the Select Program, please contact the Select Program Vice-President, Adrian Rigby, at

Adult Registration

Individuals interested in being a select team head coach or trainer for the 2022/2023 year must have applied by Friday, April 8. The Board of Directors will reviewed all applicants and approved those that will be allowed to form select teams.

Please use the link below to register as a coach, assistant coach, manager or trainer.

Coaching License

All head coaches, trainers, and assistant coaches must have one of the following coaching licenses.

  • U.S. Soccer A, B, C, D or E Coaching License
  • U.S. Soccer 9v9 Grassroots License (online or in-person) {U11—U12 teams}
  • U.S. Soccer 11v11 Grassroots License (online or in-person) {U13—U19 teams}

All coaches are encouraged to continue their education by taking new or higher level coaching courses.

Participation Requirements

Any person that will interact with players in VYSO (including, but not limited to, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers, assistant managers, board members, employees, other volunteer roles) must complete the following required steps:

Register in GotSport
Submit Background Check
Upload a passport-style photo into GotSport account
Complete the CDC Heads Up Concussion Training Module
Complete the SafeSport Training Module or Refresher

Team Officials (coach, assistant coach, trainer, manager, assistant manager) must also be approved by the Board of Directors after completion of the steps listed above.

VYSO Rules and Policies

Player Evaluations

Head coaches can hold player evaluations May 14 — 28. The player evaluations can be held at Riverside Soccer Complex. Each head coach can sign up for four time slots, but only one time slot per day. U11–U12 teams will use field 1. U13–U19 teams will use field 13. Use the link below to sign up for player evaluation time slots.

Coaches are encouraged to hold open tryouts so that every child in the age range of the team has an equal opportunity to be chosen for the team.

Emails will be sent to all age-eligible players about player evaluations for each team. These emails will be sent on May 2 and May 9.

Players must register in GotSport before they can attend player evaluations. Registering for player evaluations will also register the player for the 2022/2023 select year.

When registering, parents will see an option to delay the first payment of the player registration fee until June 1st. This allows for players to attend evaluations without requiring a payment.

Player Registration Fee

  • The player registration fee is $380.
  • All registration must be completed online. No paper registrations will be accepted.
  • Payment plans will be available.
  • The player registration fee must be paid in full no later than July 31.
  • Full refunds will be given to players not selected for a team.

Player Registration Information

Player registration will open on Monday, May 2. The registration link will be posted on the select registration page of the website and on each team’s page on the website.

Player Uniform

A new uniform will be used this year. Each player will receive two full uniforms (jersey, shorts, and socks). We will hold a uniform sizing day on Saturday, June 11, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM at the VYSO office at 1908 N. Laurent St. There will not be another opportunity for players to try on the uniform samples.

Team Requirements

Head coaches, trainers, and assistant coaches must have a coaching license.

Each team must have a Team Manager: All select teams shall have a Team Manager in addition to the Head Coach. The Team Manager cannot be the spouse of, or live in the same household as, the head coach. The purpose of this is to give each team two independent representatives of the team that will have access to the team information. (Standing Rule 3.7)

Minimum number of players in order to form the team:

  • U11–U12 teams: nine (9) players
  • U13–U19 teams: eleven (11) players
  • The minimum number of players must be reached using players that were not selected for another team.

Players Selected for Multiple Teams

The player’s parents will receive the following information:

  • The teams the player was selected for
  • The head coach contact information for all teams the player was selected for
  • Explanation that the parents are responsible for deciding which team the player will play on
  • Instructions for notifying VYSO with the parent’s decision
  • The deadline for deciding which team to play on

Submitting List of Players

You will need to submit your list of desired players for your team using the links below. You will also need to give the name of the person you want as your team manager. The deadline for submitting this information is Saturday, May 28.

The Board of Directors will meet on June 2 to review lists of players and form teams. You will be notified of team approval/denial by June 4. You will receive the list of players, with contact information, on this date as well. You must contact all players by June 7 to let them know if they made the team or not.

Dates and Deadlines

April 8Deadline to apply as head coach or trainer
April 26Meeting for approved head coaches
6:30 PM at 1908 N Laurent St
April 29Deadline for head coaches to set dates for player evaluations
May 2Emails sent about player evaluations
May 2Player registration opens
May 14–28Player evaluations held at Riverside Soccer Complex
May 28Deadline for head coaches to submit list of players
Link: U11–U12 player selection form
Link: U13–U19 player selection form
May 31Deadline for requesting a full refund
June 4Head coaches will receive notice of team approval and list of players with contact information
June 7Deadline for head coaches to contact players about team
June 7Deadline for players that were selected for multiple teams to decide which team to play on
June 13–15Uniform sizing, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM, at 1908 N Laurent St. Click here to sign up for your child’s time slot
June 17Deadline for the minimum number of required players to be registered
June 17Deadline for head coaches to submit list of players’ uniform sizes and jersey numbers.
June 20Teams can start holding practices
June 20Uniforms will be ordered
July 1$25 late fee added to registrations
July 31Refund Request Deadline

Adding Players and Team Officials after Teams are Formed

  • You can add players and team officials at any time up until any applicable WDDOA or STYSA roster deadlines.
  • VYSO does not have a roster deadline.
  • There will be a link on the Select Coach and Manager page for the form to add players and team officials.

Select Team Checklists and Important Dates

Please use this list of dates and tasks as a guide for getting your team up and running. ~Michelle

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