REC Scholarship Registration Instructions

For more information, please contact the Executive Director, Michelle King, at

The scholarship applications will be reviewed after August 21. You will receive an email from Michelle by August 28 with the status of your application and the scholarship award amount for your child.

If your child is not given a scholarship, you will be able to set up an extended payment plan.

How To Register

Please register your child for the Fall 2023 REC Season. The link is at the bottom of this page.

During registration, you will see a payment plan option that says: Enter a Private Payment Plan Code. Enter the code below into that box and click the RED button that says, “Look Up Code”. You will not be required to make a payment when you register your child.

The Payment Plan Code is SCHF23REC

Scholarship Applicant Payment Plan

After clicking the “Look up Code” button, you will see the payment plan details for the “Scholarship Applicant” payment plan.

Click the blue “Select” button to choose the Scholarship Applicant payment plan.

After clicking the “Select” button, the button will turn yellow and say “Plan selected”.

Click the checkbox beside “I agree to pay the required installments, on or before they are due.” Then scroll down to continue the registration

Please note: these dates and amounts will be adjusted. See below for more info.

Payment Plan Information

You will see that the Scholarship Applicant payment plan is set up with three payments. It shows that the first payment is not due until 8/31. After the scholarship award amount is determined for your child, Michelle will adjust the payment amounts and due dates.

Adjusted Payment Amounts and Dates

In the email you will receive from Michelle by August 28, she will give you the payment amounts and due dates.

  • The payment amounts will be based on the Scholarship Award amount given to your child.
  • The dates of the payments can be adjusted.
  • After receiving the email from Michelle, you will need to log in to your LeagueApps account and enter your credit or debit card information. If you need to pay by check or money order, you will need to let Michelle know at that time.

Payment Details Page

When you get to the final page during registration, please scroll down and click on Skip / Pay Later. This will allow you to complete the registration without having to make a payment.