Your Opinion Matters at VYSO

VYSO needs you to help promote soccer to the youth of Victoria. Your opinion matters to Victoria Youth Soccer Organization. Help us make the decisions for a successful soccer program.

This begins at the VYSO General Meeting on Thursday, May 12, when the VYSO Board will be elected.  There may be people running for positions who have very different views on how VYSO should be run. Your attendance and vote are important to these decisions.

The VYSO Board’s purpose is to manage the soccer programs.  It is important to have all the positions filled to increase diversity of thought and new ideas to improve the organization.

Parents of young players are ideal for a position on the VYSO Board since the actions of the board will affect their kids the most.

The greatest misconception is that being a board member requires unreasonable amounts of time. Scheduled Board Meetings for the next year are June 13, October 10, and April 10; and at least one board member should be on site during scheduled games.

My goal as president is to keep the board meetings to one hour while still accomplishing the business of VYSO. The needs of VYSO requiring board action and discussion between meetings are conducted remotely via BAND app and email.

When divided between the 8 board members, this load is lighter.

The board positions to be elected are as follows:

PositionBoard Member
PresidentStephen Biles
Vice-PresidentJulie Workman
Recreational Program Vice-PresidentVACANT
Select Program Vice-PresidentTisha Franz
Board Member At-LargePatricia Hoffman
Board Member At-LargeAdrian Rigby
Board Member At-LargeVACANT
Current Board

For more information, please contact the Board President, Stephen Biles, at