Bring A Friend Promotion

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Special Promotion for the Fall 2022 REC Season!

Refer a Friend to Play in VYSO and Receive a $10 Refund!

Players can receive $10 refunds for referring brand new players to play with VYSO in the Fall 2022 REC season. The brand new player can be any age or gender; he/she does not have to be in the same division as the referring player.

Promotion Requirements

For this promotion, the brand new player and the referring player must both register on time, be fully registered, placed on a team, and not request a refund to earn the referring player a $10 refund.

There is a limit of five (5) player referrals per player for a maximum $50 refund.

The refunds will be processed after the third game day of the Fall 2022 REC season.

The brand new player must give the referring player’s name during online registration.

The referring player must fill out the Player Referrals Form using the link below.

Fully registered means:

  • Registration form submitted (online or paper)
  • Registration fee paid (or payment plan set up online)
  • Date of birth verified
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