Game Day Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of players, parents, referees, and others, VYSO has the following rules for game days. We ask that everyone voluntarily follow these rules so that everyone can have a great soccer day.

Prohibited Items

  • Pets
  • Emotional Support Animals
  • Alcohol
  • Drones
  • Guns
  • Weapons
  • Tents or Canopies on Spectators Sideline

Conditional Items Allowed

  • Service animals are allowed provided they do not interfere with VYSO activities.
  • Smoking is only allowed in the parking areas (includes vaping devices and e-cigarettes).
  • One tent or canopy may be used by each team on the players/teams sideline for the purpose of providing shade to the players.

Where to sit at games

Players and coaches will sit on one side of the field. Parents and spectators will sit on the opposite side of the field, directly across from their team.

In the example image, Team A is in blue and Team B in in yellow. The parents and spectators are directly across from the players and coaches.

Where to sit at games

No one is allowed at the corners or ends of the fields as this is a distraction to goalies and other players. The only exception to this is that one spectator may be at the end of the field, at least 10 away, to retrieve soccer balls.

Fans and spectators are not allowed to enter the team side of the field during the game, including halftime or other game breaks, except to drop off drinks to the players. If a parent is needed on the team sideline, for player injury or any other reason, the coach or referee will ask for the parent to go to the team’s side of the field.

Behavior at VYSO Games, Practices, and Other Activities

We are all here so that children can learn and enjoy playing the game of soccer. We ask that everyone participating in, or watching, games, practices, and other activities act appropriately and remember that it is all about fun. Players, coaches, and referees will make mistakes as they are all learning and improving.

VYSO has a policy of zero tolerance for the use of any foul language or abusive or derogatory comments directed towards referees, coaches, players, parents, board members, volunteers, or staff. Such offenses may lead to dismissal from the games, practices, and all other activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Games

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